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The original Mesopotamian writing system believed to be the world's oldest was derived around BC from this method of keeping accounts. Based on hieroglyphic prototypes, but also including entirely new symbols, each sign apparently stood for a consonant rather than a word: An excavation near Ashgabatthe capital of Turkmenistanrevealed an inscription on a piece of stone that was used as a stamp seal.

When heavily or deeply scored, boards need to be resurfaced as scoring can harbour mildew and bacteria. Select the appropriate error category Report an error in the Find Your Representative service.

The Proto-Elamite script is thought to have developed from early cuneiform proto-cuneiform. Address changes made online will be processed by the system automatically Go to eLicense.

Hard cutting boards can, however, be used for food preparation tasks that do not require a sharp knife, like cutting cheese or making sandwiches.

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To prevent cracking, cutting boards can be treated when they start looking dry. Each member of Congress establishes their office's policy related to the processing and management of e-mail. Teak 's tight grains and natural coloration make it a highly attractive cutting-board material, both for aesthetic and durability purposes.

The term 'Indus script' is mainly applied to that used in the mature Harappan phase, which perhaps evolved from a few signs found in early Harappa after BC, [17] and was followed by the mature Harappan script.

This site was also home to a temple of Hathor, the "Mistress of turquoise". In the United States, the ability to read and write are necessary for most jobs, and multiple programs are in place to aid both children and adults in improving their literacy skills.

Both Ohio eLicense and Nursys provide primary source verification. Rubber[ edit ] A recent[ when?

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Made of enameled steel Whiteboards became commercially available in the early s, but did not become widely used until 40 years later. Their quipu system of recording information—based on knots tied along one or many linked cords—was apparently used for inventory and accountancy purposes and could not encode textual information.

Wood also has natural anti-septic properties.

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The sharper the knife, the longer the cutting board will last. In spite of many attempts at decipherments and claims, it is as yet undeciphered. For example, the emergence of the writing center and community-wide literacy councils aim to help students and community members sharpen their writing skills.

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All of our whiteboards are magnetic and come with a carefully chosen magnet kit. If you receive an error due to a missing ZIP code or incorrect member information, please use the Contact Webmaster form to report the problem.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. writing forum: active discussion and community for writers, covering all aspects of the craft and business of writing.

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