Swimming pool medical expense deduction

Nevertheless, there are specific disadvantages to owning an indoor pool: Find and review a relevant Revenue Ruling that involves the issues of whether the cost of a swimming pool may be deductible as a medical expense. This is an easy-to-miss deduction, since the cost is deducted from Social Security benefit checks.

However, this can depend on your area. Traditional Chlorine Treatment Systems Traditional chlorine-treated pools have been around for decades and constitute the majority of in-ground pools. This means your doctor believes that the pool workouts will alleviate or prevent your ailment.

12 Can a Swimming Pool Be a Deductible Medical Expense Finding and Analyzing the Relevant Code Se

Indicate whether and, if so, where, they indicate whether the cost of a swimming pool may be deductible as a medical expense. Depending on conditions, owners can easily spend five to 10 hours a week keeping their pools in shape.

Many pools have attached spas, tanning porches, splash pads, and custom entries.


The following lesser known arthritis-related medical expenses may be deductible: I had a bunch of medical expenses that were not reimbursed to me by the lawsuit or by my insurance. And I get the same question from neighbors: The Ferrises agreed, and the exterior of the addition was constructed of hand-cut, hand-laid stone, with an expensive roof to match that of the residence.

As with treatment for alcoholism, treatment for drug addiction is deductible. This is beyond the 10 percent or 7. Indoor pools are typically hidden from visitors and protected by normal door and window locks.

Key Tax Rules for Deducting Home Improvements

Argued June 7, Outdoor pools are less expensive than their indoor counterparts, and more conducive to social events, due to the additional space surrounding the pool.

As a consequence, you must itemize your deductions using Schedule A of the tax filing form. See our other taxopedias.As to the matter of the pool maintenance fees, the entire amount thereof qualifies for a medical expense deduction even though the cost of the swimming pool itself is nondeductible.

Sec. (e)(1)(iii), Income Tax Regs. In most cases, the Internal Revenue Service treats a swimming pool addition on your home as a personal expense that isn't deductible. However, there are a narrow range of circumstances in which you can get tax breaks for your pool, depending on its purpose.

Estimated Tax Tip Savings: A swimming pool you install for medical reasons could increase your tax deductions by $12, or more, giving you a tax savings of $3, or more depending on your tax bracket.

Other such home improvements can be similarly deducted. In middle school, a note from your doctor was the perfect thing to get you out of gym class.

Tax deduction for your pool? Yep, but there’s a catch…

Crazy Tax Deductions: Breast Implants, Swimming Pools and More. and then he deducted the cost as a "necessary medical expense." The IRS agreed with the deduction -- not only for the pool, but. Legal expenses incident to medical care have been allowed as a medical expense deduction only when the legal expenses are “necessary to legitimate a method of medical treatment” Levine v.

Commissioner [ USTC ¶].

How Can I Claim My Pool As an Expense on My Taxes?

You can deduct these retirement community fees as medical expenses medical deductions for expenses allocable to the CCRC’s swimming pool, spa, and gym. the medical expense deduction.

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Swimming pool medical expense deduction
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