Glossary of newspaper design terms

On an inverted image, black becomes white, blue becomes orange, etc. Reverse Essentially, the negative of an image, or the producing of the negative of an image. Also called ragged right.

Graphic Design Glossary

An unbounded field is a freeform entry field that allows you to type at will without constraining into paragraphs or other styles.

Typically headlines, titles, etc. Filter A filter is a pre-created effect that can be applied to images to acquire a certain look. I think we need to pull the type in a bit closer before we send this to the client.

Hue One of the three primary attributes of color. Use full for short run memes and limited to only colors. It is then trimmed so there is no chance for a white line on the edges. Orphan Line The first line of a paragraph appearing on its own at the bottom on a page with the remaining part of the paragraph appearing on the next page.

Tracking In typography, the adjusting of the letterspacing throughout a piece of typeset copy. It might be a bit much having the web banner's border both bright red and flashing, but our client believes in a belt-and-suspenders approach. It really makes the words pop.

Make a quick sun by using the ellipsis tool and adding an outside glow to it. Copy Copy refers to editorial text supplied for incorporation into a design or website. Tint A color is made lighter by adding white, this is called a tint.

Also knows as semi-bold, light, and bold. Substrate Term for any surface to be printed to which ink will adhere. The primary colors for the subtractive color model is cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Modern An altered version of Old Style. Click on this anchor point in the star to extend it out another inch. Typically used to differentiate one section of a design from another.

Terminology Series: Graphic Design Glossary

In four-colour printing the cyan, magenta, and yellow printing plates are aligned or keyed to the black plate. For more tips on building a beautiful color palette check out these color secrets from designers.

V Value This refers to the degree of lightness or darkness of a color. Grid A framework made up of evenly divided, intersecting columns and rows. It accommodates designers with swatches of over colors and gives printers the formulas for making those colors.

O Oblique A Roman typeface which slants to the right. Proof— A page on which newly set copy is reproduced to make possible the correction of errors.

Right Justified Type aligned with its right margin. Grayscale Grayscale images consist of black, white, no color, and up to shades of gray. When I need to filter out the tree, I'll be cloning pixels from the sky to make it disappear. Shadow Detail Shadow detail refers to the amount of detail held in the dark areas of an image.

Invert Inversion of the tonal values or colors of an image. I just keep switching the blending modes from soft light, to hard light, and back to overlay.

By adjusting the canvas size, you can adjust the main artboard dimensions without adjusting any of the elements already in play in the document.

Repeating elements—like page numbers—are created once on a master.This glossary of newspaper terms was developed to increase the understanding of the terms and acronyms that may be unique to the newspaper industry. This glossary of newspaper terms was developed to increase the understanding of the terms and acronyms that may be unique to the newspaper industry.

It was created by the New York. A design that is subtly impressed on a sheet of paper by raising the pattern of the dandy roll during papermaking.

web: A roll of paper used in web printing (as opposed to sheet-fed printing). Visual Design Glossary Terms. Above the fold [or Above-the-fold] The region of a Web page that is visible without scrolling. The area above the fold will vary according to a user's monitor size and their resolution settings.

The region above the fold is called a screenful. Affordance. is committed to producing quality papers at reasonable prices and to helping student journalists navigate the world of print. Glossary Of Magazine And Newspaper Layout Terms Here’s a glossary of magazine and newspaper layout terms – taken from a variety of sources.

Double page spread: magazine design layout that spans across two pages. Usually, the design editor will arrange to spread the layout across the centre pages of the magazine, so as to ensure that the.

Glossary of newspaper design terms
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